A new version of Minecraft 1.17 has been released. Update «Caves and Mountains», part 1

The long-awaited version of Minecraft 1.17 has finally been released! I will not translate the entire announcement of the new version — detailed information about all the changes has already been published on our website as the preliminary versions are released.

Therefore, I will limit myself to an introductory word and a short list of innovations.

Here it is! The long-awaited cave update. And slightly mountainous. That’s right, the update of «Caves and Mountains», part 1, is coming out today!

Finally, you can swim with glowing octopuses, fight in a team with axolotls, and fall down the mountain from the blow of a butting goat. You can build using new blocks, such as copper, stalactites or moss, develop hanging roots and cave vines around and admire the new texture of the ore. Light up your homes, caves, mines and life with wonderful glowing berries. Assemble a telescope and watch

What’s new in Minecraft 1.17

  • Added drippers (stalactites and stalagmites) and a karst block.
    Added amethyst block, blooming amethyst, amethyst druse and amethyst bud.
    Blocks of ore iron, copper and gold have been added.
    Added candles.
    Added copper.
    Deep shale has been added.
    Added luminous lichen.
    A lava cauldron has been added.
    Added a lightning rod.
    Blocks of overgrown caves have been added.
    Added loose snow.
    Added items of ore iron, copper and gold.
    An axolotl has been added.
    Added a glowing octopus.
    Added a goat.
    A spyglass has been added.
    Tinted glass was added.
    A schalker who hits another schalker with a schalker projectile can create a new schalker.
    Added new trades for a traveling merchant and a bricklayer.
    Bags and shalker boxes scatter the contents when destroyed.
    The time of destruction of blocks infected with scales has changed.
    The production in the chests of sunken ships and mines has changed.
    Paths can now be created using a shovel on blocks of earth, podzole, mycelium and rough ground as well as on turf.
    Drowned people have a chance to drop a copper ingot, and they no longer drop gold bars.
    Areas of experience, if there are many of them, can be combined to increase productivity.
    The speed of the end credits can be accelerated if you hold down the space bar.
    Trolleys and rails work under water.
    When the pistons destroy the blocks, the particle effect will be displayed.
    The blocks on the «Mechanisms» tab in the creative mode inventory have been re-sorted.
    A simple firework with a single powder charge can be assembled with the help of a recipe book.

Special features

  • Added an alternative loading screen with the Mojang Studios logo on a black background.


  • Added new achievements:

    The achievement «Wolf, goat and cabbage» is issued if you swim in a boat with a goat.
    The achievement of «Bring wax» is issued for the effect of honeycombs on a copper block.
    The achievement «Remove wax» is given for cleaning the wax from the copper block.
    The achievement «Affectionate and gentle beast» is issued for catching an axolotl with a bucket.
    The achievement «Friendship is a miracle!» is awarded for winning a battle in a team with axolotls.
    The achievement «Reading-light!» is issued if you make the sign luminous.
    The achievement «Quick as a hare» is issued for walking on loose snow in leather shoes.
    The achievement «Where lightning strikes twice» is issued for a lightning strike without igniting a lightning rod near a peasant.
    The achievement «Is this a bird?» is issued if you look at the parrot through a telescope.
    The achievement «Is this a balloon?» is issued if you look at gast through a telescope.
    The achievement «Is this an airplane?» is issued if you look at the dragon through a telescope.

Changes to the World Generator

  • Drippers (stalactites and stalagmites) are occasionally found in ordinary caves.
    Deep shale deposits can be found in depth (height y = 0-16).

Technical changes

  • Added the /debug function command.
    Added the /item command.
    Added a light source block (Light Block), which can only be obtained using the /give command.
    The game now uses Open GL 3.2 Core Profile.
    The game now uses Java 16.

Download Minecraft 1.17

To download and install the Minecraft 1.17 release, open Launcher Minecraft and click «Play»!

Download Minecraft Server:

Preview of the Update «Caves and Mountains», part 2:

  • If you want to take a look at the future changes of the second part of the update, you can download this dataset.

To complain about errors here:

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