Download Survival Maps for Minecraft PE

Download legendary survival maps on Minecraft PE for Android: Get out of the bottle, feel like a homeless person in Russia, try to develop on an island with one tree!

Survival maps in Minecraft PE

Survival in mobile Minecraft PE is very interesting in itself! The feeling when you found the first diamonds or killed a dragon is incomparable. But this boring monotony quickly gets boring, because there is one and the same location around.


To decorate emotions, there are special themed survival maps for Minecraft PE on Android. They give a new gaming experience, and if you connect imagination, then the passage will become much more fun. Besides, no one forbids you to play with friends!

The best survival maps for Minecraft on Android

Let’s delve more thoroughly into thematic maps that have some kind of idea or plot of their own. There are a lot of similar cards, but not all of them are good. Although there are really fascinating worlds! It is about them that we will now talk. We present you the TOP of the best of its kind!

Survival in a Bottle

Have you ever wanted to be in a bottle? This card will give you such an opportunity! You will appear in a huge glass bottle.

Homeless Man’s Survival

The bum in Minecraft PE is very quickly gaining popularity on YouTube, and the same map has become available on Minecraft PE. Eating doshiraki, street fights and getting money for a living. There is everything here to feel like a homeless person, but in a cubic world.

Survival on the island

Did you really want hardcore survival in MCPE? If yes, then the Skyblock is created especially for you. You are in the middle of a bare, boundless sky, you have only a small island with one tree and some resources, all this will give you an impetus to further development!

Download survival maps for Minecraft for Android

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