Download the School map for Minecraft PE

Download the school map on Minecraft PE: escape from school, where zombie students, skeleton teachers, desiccant directors and many adventures will be waiting for you!

Description of the map School on Minecraft PE

Sooner or later, but the thought creeps into the mind of a schoolboy or student, what can escape from these hells?


This is the feeling you can feel when going through the cards about escaping from school. It is for this reason that we will tell you about the three best of them on the topic of escaping from an educational institution.

Escape School Team

Here you have to escape from school with your friends. Your escape will be countered by an evil teacher. The place is quite detailed and pleasing to the eye.

For a better feeling of the escape atmosphere, you can install shaders or texture packs.
The author expects to play together, but you can be alone.

School escape — dare to challenge?

It’s pretty creepy because it takes place in an atmosphere of darkness and suspicion. The background is as follows: you have recently moved and are studying at school.

Но сразу подозреваете что-то неладное и пытаетесь сбежать.Здесь есть собственный текстур-пак: Stock. Перед началом игры убедитесь, что используете именно его.

Escape Middle School

  • Compared to the previous two, this map is larger and longer. On the way to the exit you will meet:

    Zombie students.
    Skeleton teachers.
    The director of the desiccant.

Если вы собираетесь записывать здесь, автор требует упомянуть его имя в ролике.

Download the School Map on Minecraft PE

Name File
Escape School: Team
School escape — dare to challenge?
Escape Middle School


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