Minecraft integrates the Aether engine. How can this affect the game

Minecraft developers have signed an agreement with the technology startup Hadean to integrate the Aether engine into the project.

What is Aether, and why does Minecraft need it

The engine, which attracted the developers of Minecraft, is not related to Minecraft in any way, despite the name, similar to the» heavenly » dimension, which players have been asking to add to the game for a long time.

Portal to Aether. It has nothing to do with the engine of the same name.
Aether allows you to solve the most important problem of online game developers, where it is necessary to ensure the simultaneous interaction of many players.

To support each player who connects to a network game, certain resources are required, and sooner or later reaches the moment when the server ceases to cope with them.

Most often, game developers solve the problem by limiting the number of simultaneous players, breaking up a potentially unlimited world into many segments. From the point of view of Minecraft, such segments can be considered realms that can be purchased as game worlds.

Aether allows you to abandon such segmentation and already at the initial stages of testing in Minecraft showed excellent results.

With the help of it, the developers were able to create a lobby server supporting 1024 players in three days.

Michael Weilbacher, Technical Director of Mojang Studios. A photo from your Linkedin profile.
Michael Weilbacher, technical director of Mojang Studios, spoke positively about the project: «The Aether engine developed by Hadeon changes the rules of the game and opens up a number of new opportunities for developing not only games such as Minecraft, but also for streaming platforms, developer communities and even corporate applications.»


How Aether Can Change Minecraft
He did not tell about specific plans about how Minecraft will change thanks to integration.

In a press release on the Hadean website, they draw the most tempting, but at the same time very blurry, prospects. The possibility of creating global game worlds and the actual transformation of games into social platforms, where virtual concerts and other shows can be held, is mentioned.

In my opinion, the following areas of application of the Aether technology can be distinguished:

In Minecraft Earth, it will be possible to create public points in which a huge number of players can simultaneously interact. It seems like a whole park full of people.
Minecraft Realms may support a large number of players (now no more than 10 people can play at the same time in Realms for Minecraft Bedrock).
Partner servers in Minecraft Bedrock will be able to support a huge number of players.
Well, in conclusion, you should definitely say the phrase: «World of Minecraft». I mean, theoretically, using Aether, you can create a global sandbox with an unlimited number of players. But, it seems to me, if the developers of Minecraft decide to do something like this,then, most likely, Minecraft Dungeons will be taken as the basis, and not the usual Minecraft.

P.S. If you want to ask how this will affect Minecraft Java Edition. I don’t think so.

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