Minecraft was shown with physics as in real life. The video was rated by over 45 thousand gamers

Minecraft is one of those games that has a huge fanbase. Many gamers are trying to make their own changes to this sandbox, complementing it with alternative textures or effects. Recently, a player with the nickname 5 tick showed how a game with physics could look like in real life.

The gamer published a post on the Reddit forum with an attached video. On it, you can see how a felled tree realistically falls into the water, thereby causing a splash and waves. In the original Minecraft, such physics is not provided.


In just two days, the video has collected over 45 thousand likes and hundreds of positive comments. On the forum, 5tick explained that the video was created using Blender 2.93 and Davinci Resolve programs. The work took him 30 hours. Another 13 hours of hours were spent on rendering.

«This water physics is pretty damn good, — — a user with the nickname Ninjatck.

«If Minecraft had the physics of trees like in Valheim, — — a user with the nickname MJBotte1.

«I didn’t expect to see the Minecraft 2 drain today,» a user with the nickname McPresh.

Earlier, Minecraft added ray tracing, which radically changed the graphics.

Would you like such physics in Minecraft?

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