OnePunchMan Mod [1.17.1] [1.16.5] [1.12.2]

The strongest hero in history, known for his invisibility and good intentions. The OnePunchMan mod will add the gauntlet of Saitama from the anime Vanpunchman. This is the strongest weapon for instant victory over any incarnation of evil. The item cannot be obtained in the early stages due to expensive crafting. The power of this weapon will pay off in the first battle with bloodthirsty monsters. Become the number one invincible hero!

Developer of the modification: 00theblackwolf00.

The glove is made of expensive and rare vanilla materials.
Destroy any mob with one accurate melee strike.
17 buffs for complete invulnerability in dangerous conditions.
What happens when you equip with both hands?…



  1. Download Forge here.
  2. Download the mod for the vanpanchman in Minecraft on PC.
  3. Put the file in «mods».


Download OnePunchMan Mod











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