The experimental version of Minecraft 1.18-snapshot 3 has been released

  • I don’t know about you, but I’ve already missed the new Minecraft snapshots — the game developers have paused due to summer vacations. But today, the third test snapshot of Minecraft 1.18 has finally been released. It still needs to be installed manually (full-fledged snapshots will be in some future), but there is something to see there
  • What’s new (compared to the second snapshot),

    the placement of biomes has changed in order to reduce the likelihood of temperature changes (as in the case of a snow biome in the center of the desert). Sudden temperature changes still happen, but not so often.
    Changed the placement of biomes to increase diversity. This is a partial rejection of the changes in the second snapshot. This means that microbiomes will occur again, but they will correspond to the temperature (for example, a small forest can be placed in the middle of a plain).
    Red sand is back! The badlands have changed so that they occasionally appear on flat areas near the plateau, so that red sand will appear higher.

The mouth of a sleeping volcano. At least, I have such an association.The mouth of a sleeping volcano. At least, I have such an association.
  • Biomes of mountain peaks and meadows will be generated less often on low-lying plains.
    The rocks on the weathered terrain are smoothed so that they do not look like generation errors.
    On snow-covered slopes and snow-covered peaks, the earth is no longer placed under the snow. The mountains now look less dirty 🙂
    Added a new mountain biome-stone peaks. This is a variant of mountain peaks or snow-covered peaks, which uses stone and gravel instead of snow and ice. This will avoid temperature changes, such as placing snow peaks near the jungle.
    Added buildings for new mountain biomes. Now the outlaw outpost can be found in all new mountain biomes, and villages will be generated in meadows.

A village on the top of a mountain
A village on the top of a mountain
  • Gentle beaches will appear more often on flat shores, rather than in the hills. The number of rocky shores has been reduced.
    The coastline and river banks will now not be disturbed by aquifers. This means that the water level in some local area will not cross the river or the ocean. Caves that come to the surface and gorges that cross the ocean and rivers will use the sea level.
  • In the lowlands, completely flooded caves will be less common.
    Aquifers can dive deeper and will more often communicate with lower-located cave systems. This means that if you dive into a deep lake on the surface or on a mountain, you can find an air pocket that will lead you to a cave system.
Waterfalls from one underground lake flow into another, located below.
  • Added more variations of aquifers to reduce the risk of huge areas with completely flooded caves. Underground lakes and flooded caves will appear less often in the same region.
    Fixed the spawn of goats (they did not appear in new mountain biomes).
    Swamps will now less often intersect with cold or arid biomes.
    Desolate temples now appear on the surface instead of a fixed height.
    In the eroded barren lands, flying columns no longer appear over water sources.
    Turf is no longer generated underwater.
    The risk of incorrect surface generation, such as small areas of turf in deserts, is reduced.
    The probability of occurrence of river biomes in dry mountain gorges is reduced. The generation of rivers above sea level is not supported yet, so if the mountain gorge is above sea level, it will be dry.
    The spawn speed of mobs no longer increases in the lowlands and does not decrease with increasing height. Now it will correspond to the speed of Minecraft 1.17 at the height of Y=64. This is done to make the spawn of mobs more stable
  • Known issues

    Low performance. The developers are busy with optimization, which will be added in normal snapshots that will be released later.
    It is not clear what is generated in the Cluster.
    Columns are not generated in the End, but they appear after the dragon’s rebirth.

How to install an experimental snapshot

         Download the archive of the experimental Minecraft 1.18 snapshot..

  • Unpack it to the «versions» folder in the minecraft data folder. In Windows, you can open it by pressing the Win+R keyboard shortcut, typing «%appdata%\. minecraft «and clicking «OK».
    Launch the official Minecraft launcher and create a new installation in it, select the version «pending 1. 18_experimental-snapshot-3».
    Create a new world and play!

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