The experimental version of Minecraft 1.18-snapshot 4 has been released

To be honest, I was hoping that we would not see the fourth experimental snapshot, but we would see a full-fledged snapshot that would be automatically installed in the launcher. But fate and the developers of Minecraft ordered otherwise, so the snapshot will again have to be installed manually.

What’s new (compared to the third snapshot)

Improvement of desert temples. Now they will appear partially hidden under the sand. In addition, desert and jungle temples are no longer generated in water.
Barren lands and deserts have become larger, the probability that they will appear in the form of ugly spots of microbiomes has been reduced. Terracotta layers climb higher. Wooded barren lands, grass and trees start higher.
The placement of biomes has become less chaotic (again). This should (again) affect the reduction of the number of microbiomes. We tried to reduce the risk of unpleasant collisions when placing biomes.
Removed surface freezing for hot biomes. Now there will be less strange things, such as snow on the tops of jungle trees.

Made the snow-covered slopes less dirty. Again. This time for real.
We have made extreme mountains less non-extreme. And we tried to place extreme mountains so that they fit better into the surrounding landscape.
The probability of rivers turning into dry gorges in mountainous areas is reduced. At the same time, they will be formed either with steep banks, or vice versa, the height of the landscape will increase, which will lead to the formation of valleys between mountain peaks. Thanks to this, such areas will be convenient both for walking and for those who prefer a boat. This will probably lead to the fact that the rivers will become a little wider.

  • The number of diorite, andesite and granite deposits on the surface has been reduced. Now the rocky shores will not look like they are splashed with paint.
    Rocky shores will sometimes be generated with layers of gravel, diorite, andesite or granite.
    Stone peaks will sometimes be generated with layers of gravel, calcite, andesite, or granite. Now you don’t have to destroy geodes to get calcite.
    More iron! You will still need to go to the mine or climb the mountains to find it. But at the same time you will find it more!
    More swampy swamps! Improved the placement of swamps to make them happier. The probability that they will extend far from the coastline is reduced. The rivers in the swamps will be shallower.
    Large deposits of copper in the kapelnik caves. Go to this biome if you need a lot of copper. Or find a rich vein of copper ore.

How to install an experimental snapshot

  • Download the archive of the experimental Minecraft 1.18 snapshot18.
  • Unpack it to the «versions» folder in the minecraft data folder. In Windows, you can open it by pressing the Win+R keyboard shortcut, typing «%appdata%\. minecraft «and clicking «OK».
    Launch the official Minecraft launcher and create a new installation in it, select the version «pending 1. 18_experimental-snapshot-4».
  • Create a new world and play!

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